Divorce Mediation Services

divorce mediation
Divorce mediation services provides a structured, supportive conversation that allows both parties to jointly make the decisions that work best for their family—without the court stepping in. I address and resolve core issues including parenting plans, division of marital assets, and child support. Besides saving you the high cost of litigation, mediation keeps your discussions and decisions confidential; all court hearings become public record.

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Business Mediation Services

business mediation

Whether it’s a family business or a corporate merger, mediation services can help untangle disputes, clarify issues, allow each employee to be heard, and create an environment that will foster ideas and workable solutions—a template for teamwork that will strengthen ranks.

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Family Mediation Services

family mediation

A guided discussion among family members—parents, children, siblings—that fosters reconciliation, clears the air, and improves communication while dispelling resentment and avoiding any costly or hurtful litigation.

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