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A guided discussion among family members—parents, partners, children, siblings—that clears the air, fosters reconciliation while dispelling resentment.

Parent/Teen Relationships

The teen years can be stormy for parents and children alike. Issues such as curfew, dating, chores, allowance and other matters can test the most loving and devoted parent/child relationship. My family mediation process helps both the teen and the parent feel equal, valued and respected. I establish a trusted base from which decisions can be made to balance a teen’s need for independence with a parent’s need for boundaries to keep the teen safe.

Unmarried Couples: Partnership Agreements

An unmarried couple living together as life partners is a family, and can create an agreement at the beginning of their relationship, at the end, or both. Such agreements provide security and understanding for issues that a marriage license gives to others. With mediation guidance from me, you decide as a couple the plans for jointly-held property, assets, and parenting in a loving and caring manner.

Post-Divorce Mediation

Even though a divorce may have been granted, issues can arise that were not anticipated during the process. Perhaps one party interprets the agreement differently, the parenting plan needs reworking, or there is an increase or decrease of income that can affect support payments. The family mediation process with Trish Blake-Jones can save time, money and pain in working out these issues after the legal process has finished.

Family Mediation Examples

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Parenting plans for minor children
  • Financial or budget disagreements
  • Family business disputes
  • Estate planning disagreements
  • Adult sibling conflicts
  • Parent(s)/adult children disputes
  • Eldercare concerns

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