A Kinder, Gentler Way to Divorce

Negotiate your family and financial affairs – privately, confidentially – with a seasoned mediator who listens and guides.

My process creates a neutral caring environment in which I guide you to your own solutions as your marriage ends. I keep you moving forward through the conversations you need to have about children, finances, assets, debts, retirement plans and pensions, and the legal arrangements to have your agreement processed. I am an expert at keeping the divorce mediation process affordable and on track. Besides saving you the high cost of litigation, mediating your divorce keeps your discussions confidential versus court hearings which become public record. Divorce mediation is a structured, supportive conversation that allows both parties to jointly make the decisions that work best for their family both during separation and beyond —without the court stepping in.

For divorcing couples, private divorce mediation provides:

  • The discussion and creation of a parenting plan for your children, agreed to child support, and if applicable, spousal support
  • A mutually constructed agreement for the division of your marital assets/debts
  • At the end, a written memorandum of agreement, which represents all your jointly decided wishes, ready for review by your respective attorneys.
  • A time frame you desire, usually 3-4 two-hour working sessions spaced out for your timing and needs.
  • The inclusion, if desired, of other people as support, such as family members, accountants, financial advisors and attorneys.
  • An economically priced option for couples who want to manage costs.

I capture not just your thoughts but your intentions and craft a document with straight-forward language so that they are carried out. I focus on your children, their needs, and the relationship you want to have with them during and after the divorce process.

My support goes beyond mediation. A skilled networker and community volunteer, I can link clients with realtors, legal resources, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, financial advisors, family therapists and counselors.

My process is efficient and well-organized so it reduces the amount of time and costs needed to finalize issues. The result is a workable agreement for both parties that provides the predictability and arrangements needed for a smoother transition to the next phase of your life.

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