Business Conflict can be healed

With advanced mediation experience, I enable you to work through, and beyond, a tough dispute with your business partner, family business member, or work colleague.

Business is about relationships. When those relationships break down, conflict can impact not only the individuals in the dispute, but the entire business. I help parties work to find mutually beneficial solutions to a wide range of business-related conflicts. I understand the urgency for resolving disputes to restore the smooth functioning of the business.

Whether you are involved in a family business or the corporate domain, mediation can help untangle disputes and clarify issues. Mediation allows each party to be heard and creates an environment to foster workable solutions. Off-site mediation can ensure privacy and confidentiality for the parties, a basis for teamwork that will strengthen ranks.

Often when people turn to litigation to solve a dispute, they are unsatisfied with the results. Mediation allows individuals to resolve their conflict and create unique solutions tailored to their needs, as well as the realities of their company. Rather than handing over decision-making power to a judge or arbitrator, mediation allows parties to retain control of their fates in a dispute. Mediation provides great leeway and flexibility for resolving conflict, and parties are often able to find solutions that involve more than just money — leading to mutually satisfying results.

Business Mediation Examples

  • Partnership conflicts
  • Family business tension/conflict
  • Work place issues between employees
  • Inter-group disputes
  • Management and employee conflicts
  • Vendor issues

Employee Dispute Mediation

  • Consultation on workplace conflict issues
  • Inter– and intra-departmental dispute resolution
  • EEOC pre-complaint and post-complaint mediation
  • One-to-one conflict coaching

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